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Those who wish to trade and invest on their own regularly encounter serious difficulties. How to choose the best strategy? What market indicators to take into account and where to get them quickly? Who can offer helpful advice?

The TradingView platform, launched in 2011 by a trading developers, gives you the opportunity to invest and trade at maximum profit thanks to access to up-to-date stock charts and analytics from leading financial media around the world.

TradingView is a well-known provider of interactive charts and detailed analytics on trading assets - currencies, stocks, indices and others. TradingView is also a social network for traders with the possibility to subscribe to each other, exchange messages and publish forecasts accompanied by charts on asset price changes.
Analyze safely with TradingView
TradingView is a platform where you can meet traders and succeed in the financial markets. TradingView provides access to free charts, data and all the tools you need to be more successful in your investments.

First and foremost, it is an analytical resource, not a trading resource. That's why the home screen of the site is laconic, but contains everything you need to analyze the market by quantitative and temporal factors. Indexes displayed online are at the top. Rise, fall - thanks to the color indication is convenient to track. Also, any trading instrument can be found using the search bar.
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TradingView is a unique and versatile platform with many functions and tools for analyzing financial markets

First and foremost, it is online communication. That was the priority goal in creating the platform. Connect with other traders to learn new things and excel in financial markets. Meet investors and traders from all over the world and subscribe to their best ideas!
Another advantage is the endless amount of data and analysis tools, charts of all kinds. This web service provides real-time data on a multitude of traded positions in the market. A chart with a second accuracy is already a reality. It allows a variety of settings for any chart - candlesticks, line charts and more. And the time frame can be a week, a day or even a second. A wide range of parameters for plotting dependencies can give a lot of new ideas!
The resource supports a wide range of trading instruments - from low-risk assets, currencies and company stocks are also traded.
Personal technical analysis is available, and you can study other traders' trend forecasts and see how close they are to reality. Thus, you can easily find out who is in fact the best expert in the intricacies of stock investments, and whose words are worth trusting.
You can choose among 1,000+ indicators. In the TradingView community, we're working together to create indicators that aren't available anywhere else. Use traditional indicators or use the unique scripts created by our community - in general, customize the resource for you and use it the way you like!
Your charts are always with you: save the chart and work with it on any device. Start on your computer and continue on any mobile device. Send charts to your friends, creating an optimal workspace together.
You can rest assured of the expertise of the TradingView team: the service provides tools created by PhDs, high-level experts and engineers in programming and computer science.
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The platform is convenient and easy to use, it does not require any special functionality. It's enough to register and create an account, everything is done in a couple of minutes. And then you can get acquainted with the capabilities of the resource, gradually adjusting the settings to suit you, creating your favorite tools, scaling and setting timeframes, making notes, setting up alerting capabilities. You can use different analysis tools, choosing only what interests you at the moment and sorting out unnecessary things.
Even in the free version, which is offered to beginner traders and investors, you can test various trading strategies, 12 types of charts, data from world markets as well as a multifunctional screener.

With paid subscriptions, you get the Pro status, which opens up advanced features, such as:
The use of an unlimited number of indicators, charts and quotes;
Simultaneous viewing of multiple charts in one window;
Setup of timeframes and market volume profile;
Interesting chart design options.

TradingView provides the fastest financial HTML charts for all instruments you may need: stocks, currencies and any trading asset. Choose from several thousand indicators, apply drawing objects, test strategies and trade in real time both on your demo account and through your broker.
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